How to install?

If you are not quite sure how to install the client, just watch the step by step tutorial!

Ares 3.0

Size: 104.98MB

Completely reprogrammed, visually nicer and more fps. All this and much more will come out in the next big Ares version, which we have been working on for several months.!

Stable version:

Ares 1.8 (140mb)

Best Version to use for now.


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Unstable Version

Ares 1.8 (140mb)

Has a few new features, but also many bugs and problems, not recommended for use :)


  1. Christmas MainMenu

  2. Custom HD Skins!

  3. Christmas Capes

  4. Christmas Hat

  5. Fixed the Cosmetic Menu Crash!

Old version:

Ares 1.8.8 (118.5mb)


  1. Animated Capes

  2. New Cosmetics

  3. New Radio

  4. Custom Mod

  5. Better Toggle Sprint

  6. More Capes

Very Old Version:

Ares 1.8.8 (75.5mb)